Mindful eating is a part of mindful living

I’m sure you heard about “mindful eating” from a friend of yours, colleagues, from social media posts, in your local cafe, from your partner, or even from your mom!
Another new trend?
Another new word?
Indeed, the phrase itself is not that new but has been used in the last few years on the marketplace fancier.
What it means and where to start, it’s all about:
– what you eat, as we are what we eat
– how you eat: in a hurry/ or slowly; takeaways with plastic/ or real plate with full cutlery; messy/ or accurate
– dining area: while working at your desk with a laptop; on the go in the car; at home on your dining table; in the nearest cafe
– your mind, your thoughts while you’re eating: are you digging the whole about those deadlines, project, ideals, supplier, client payout/ or you taking your time to chew your colorful plate and nourish each cell of your body with vitamins from your meal, being grateful and at peace, whole and grounded
– how would you describe your vibe?- browsing what’s next/ or smiling from inside and outside to yourself, to others, and to the world even if no one is around?
– your posture: are your fun of curling up on the sofa? eating and watching TV? eating and reading?
Shortly that boundaries of mindful eating, catch yourself and evaluate your habits, facial expressions, moods, your body positioning, and thoughts and try out to become one of the “mindful enthusiasts”. I promise you would love those changes in your vibe!
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