Anastasia Svyrediuk

Anastasia Svyrediuk is a health guru from Ukraine who was a former National level swimmer representing Ukraine in the year 2004-07, runner, gym addict, bicycle activist, yogi, oriented on mindful & clean eating, and healthy lifestyle. She left Ukraine in her 20ies and build up an expatriate life in the Corporate World in the heart of the Middle East – Dubai.

Since her start in professional sport and being a part of the Ukrainian swimming team,- Anastasia always was aligned and studied women’s body, wellbeing, exercises, and ayurvedic nutrition.

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What Client Says about me

I'm endlessly grateful for Anastasia's guidance, teaching, support, and encouragement. I lost 7 kg, I changed my food preference that boost my energy on daily basis, keep my eyes shining, gives me unlimited energy, creativity, and hunger to live. In my 55 I started modeling and I love it. Keep living a new life. Thank you, Anastasia!

Helen Client

Finally, in my 40s, I learn how to swim and it's amazing. Happy as a kid. Anastasia transformed my life with her program approach, delicately she helps me to improve my food habits, be more active in the gym, crafted for me a program with which I can easily workout at home, gym, or while traveling.

Gulnara Client

My Life changed and keep changing, I struggled badly with being overweight, low self-esteem, and self-sabotage. Anastasia shows me angles from where I have the issue with food, weight, weakness and she helps me to let it go, to transform, to improve and to become best version of myself. I start to love and respect myself

Manaf Client